Long Ago and Far Away

by Paul Solecki and Kaspar von Braun

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Insight from the guys:

I met Kaspar (I call him Kaspar) several years ago at an open mic night I ran in Munich and I liked his style right away. He had good taste in cover songs and wrote good songs himself. We gradually started doing harmonies for each other and I think I played mandolin for him once or twice, eventually we started performing short sets as a duo around town and got a good response, so we came up with the idea to work on an album together. We recorded a few basic tracks before he moved to Los Angeles, and for the rest of the songs one of us would record maybe vocals and a very simple guitar part and send it to the other guy to add some ideas, then the song would go back and forth until we thought it was finished. Some songs are mostly me, some are mostly Kaspar, others are pretty equally divided. Sometimes I'm not sure whether I played certain electric guitar parts or he did... I'd never worked so closely with anyone on shaping the sound of a song, it was nice to have another set of ears and ideas rather than doing it all myself. Nothing really turned out like I thought it would at the start, rather everything much more interesting and on another level. Early on he asked if I could write music to some lyrics he had called Here and Now, that went pretty quick and then I started playing a song with the opposite title, "Long Ago and Far Away" by Jerome Kern and Ira Gershwin. After I disappointed him by telling him I didn't write it myself, we agreed it would make a good album title. -Paul

Playing music and recording this album with Paul is and has been a pretty incredible experience ever since my online search for "Munich Open Mic" directly went to his page, long before we met. Since we started joining forces on stage, we have mostly been playing guitar and bouzouki, and his playing adds a gorgeous polyphonic character to any song. During the recording of the album, Paul would go to his "magic cabinet" at home and pull out any instrument known to man to add that to whatever song we were working on. It was stunning. For the songs I wrote, I would often send him a basic track with guitars and vocal, and he would essentially fill it with life and transform the song idea into something much better. It is my firm belief that the tension that is created when two or more people leave their signatures on a song is the best thing that can happen to the song. The album as a whole actually tells, or at least hints at, a story that was created during the song writing and recording without our planning. See if you can spot it. The first song, Here and Now, is dedicated to the memory of my friend Hyatt Nolan. -Kaspar


released November 24, 2016

song 1 by Kaspar von Braun and Paul Solecki
songs 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 by Paul Solecki
songs 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11 by Kaspar von Braun
recorded 2014-2016 by Paul and Kaspar in Munich and Los Angeles
mastered by Ruairi O'Flaherty in Los Angeles
design by Daniel von Braun, Paul Solecki, and Kaspar von Braun
photos by Kaspar von Braun and Victor Dadson

Kaspar von Braun - acoustic and electric guitars, drums, vocals
Paul Solecki - acoustic and electric guitars, bass, keyboards, mandolin, bouzouki, banjo, concertina, harmonica, vocals
Christian Daitsch - Weissenborn guitar on "Sun is Setting"
Theo ten Brummelaar - acoustic guitar and vocals on "Molecule"



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Paul Solecki and Kaspar von Braun Munich, Germany

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